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Local Timely Relevant Compensation Data for Buffalo Niagara NY 

Buffalo New York / WNY Compensation & Benefits Survey

About this Compensation & Benefits Survey
Since 1999, Atlas Alignment has conducted and sponsored the survey--  a trusted source for consistent and local benchmark compensation and benefits data for major mid-sized employers in the WNY area. 

Benefits of Local Compensation and Benefits Data

It is essential to monitor and benchmark your organization's pay policies for competitiveness. To do this you need local and current wage and benefit information.

Compensation and benefits survey data will assist you to:
  • Determine your current position in the local employment market
  • Attract and retain employees with competitive compensation and benefits
  • Make informed decisions about pay practices and change in base pay policies
  • Identify issues of external market or internal pay equity
  • Assist with your pay transparency communication efforts

Why Should You Fill Out the WNY Compensation Survey?

  • Up to date information is essential to monitor and benchmark your organization’s pay and benefits policies for competitiveness.
  • This is most comprehensive local compensation survey in WNY- over 125 jobs (entry level to executive in 15 functional areas) and details for 10 benefits and pay practices
  • We follow all US Department of Labor guidelines for anonymous and legal data reporting
  • Confidential online survey tool is organized to reduce your completion time (Excel-Word based blanks and training / assistance is also available for new participants)
  • Survey results are available only for participants—you will receive a “done-for-you” custom market analysis with your purchase of the standard summary PDF report
  • Optional additional benchmark data from Economic Research Institute for your specific industry and organization size, including executive compensation or non-profit "comparables" [pricing varies by number jobs]

More Information about the Buffalo New York/ WNY Compensation Survey Report

How to Participate

  • Instructions to compile your data are provided on the survey blanks provided after sign-up.
  • We provide password-protected website portal to submit your compensation and benefits data.
  • For new participants, we offer a complimentary job-title and benefit plan matching session via Zoom.
  • Once your data is summarized, it typically takes about 30 minutes to complete the survey online.
  • Assistance: Our compensation specialists can assist you with data compilation, training or assistance with how to complete the survey.

Survey Timeline

Data collection: July 10-October 13

 Final reports distributed to participants: October 31

Survey Report Pricing

  • $499  Private employers (100 employees or more)                
  • $299  Small business (50-100 employees)      
  • $349  Human services agencies (not-for-profit)              

These reports are only available to participants-- contact us to discuss other compensation benchmarking options.

Survey Sign Up