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What we do

Let's get ONE team, together on the same ONE Page Strategy, delivering ONE Brand Promise, focusing on the ONE Big Thing that will accelerate, align and advance your company's growth.

Who we help

We work with small and mid-sized businesses who want to adopt proven management techniques to bring clarity, focus and drive flawless execution.


Owners and manager feel less stress and drama, build a trusted accountable team and a performance culture, see higher revenues & profits, and find more time to devote to their business (and get their life back). 

Can you and your team concisely articulate your strategy, and is it driving sustainable growth in revenue and profits?
Do you have the right people doing the right things, with clear accountability and metrics linked to pay?
Do you have processes that work effectively without drama, can handle more business smoothly and drive higher profits?
Do you have a consistent source of cash [generated internally] to fund growth operations?


We work with you to design and implement your Foundations for Growth

One-Page Strategic Plan

Develop a clear strategy that can drive sustainable growth in revenue and profits, and defines the Brand Promise that your team can believe in and deliver for more delighted "Ideal Customers."

Rockefeller Habits

 These are ten essential habits that reduce executive management time to 15 hours/ week, focus your leadership and team on the right communication, the right metrics and the right processes to continue to improve your finances, operations, and team.

Key People Roles & Results

We walk your team through this discovery process and then design a roadmap to create a trusted accountable management team, built for your company now and in the future. Everyone knows “who does what” and there is clear authority and accountability for specific business-oriented results.

Right People... Right Jobs

We work with you to identify the current roles to optimize your process and future roles you need in place to grow your business. Our systematic Job Fit evaluation method assists you in mutually building the Right roles for your current team.

Dashboards to Track Results

We guide you in selecting your business key metrics, and then cascade down to departments and individuals. This allows every person and team to get targeted objective feedback on activities and results that matter, and becomes the foundation for coaching, accountability and planning.

Coach for Accountability 

We work with you to implement a step-by-step process for managers to hold people accountable in a positive effective way, and to build coaching and recognition into the weekly routine. This process creates an environment where performance is clear, expected, recognized and rewarded.

Linking Pay and Rewards with Performance

Most organizations make informal pay decisions, from setting base pay levels to deciding on raises to handing out annual bonuses.

Modern Rewards policies require alignment with your strategy, goals, and unique business drivers to connect pay practices with desired individual and business performance. 

Our expertise in Rewards guides you to develop your unique compensation strategy that leverages the 5 elements of total compensation, and builds on 10 non-financial rewards to retain and engage your high performers -- while paying for the contribution and results you need to fuel growth.

  • Compensation philosophy and strategy
  • Base pay salary structures and pay practices
  • Job architecture- job /career paths linked to opportunities and pay
  • Incentive plans aligned with individual, team and business results
  • Sales compensation designed for your specific strategy and market
  • Executive compensation programs including long-term incentives

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About Atlas Alignment Partners

Chief of Alignment

Atlas Alignment is led by Chief of Alignment, Diana Southall.

For over 20 years, Diana has been a trusted strategic partner to the leadership team of mid-sized organizations in the  Western New York area and around the Great Lakes.

Diana is a fifth-generation entrepreneur who grew up in a family business and personally experienced the highs and lows of running a growing business, and challenges with people, cash and execution.

She combines her talent for asking the right questions, distilling complex information into action plans, honing in on the right data and metrics, with an enthusiastic style to coach leaders for clarity, focus and disciplined implementation.

Diana’s clients span many industries and sizes, such as a $5mm 3rd-generation distributor, $50mm commercial developer, $100mm software company, to a $500mm global manufacturer.

She is a certified Scaling Up Coach and frequent contributor to the University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and sponsor of the UB Panasci Entrepreneurship Competition.

Strategic Partners

Atlas Alignment has partnerships with a range of trusted experts to assist with your marketing, sales, operations, leadership  coaching, training & development, Human Resource compliance and People recruiting needs.

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No pressure, no sales pitch.

If we might be able to help, she will let you know. If your needs aren't something we can help with, she will point you in the right direction to other resources or our community partners.

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