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Scaling Up Growth Accelerator Workshop

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Our Growth Accelerator Workshop will be pivotal for you…Guaranteed!

Specifically, if: 

  • you’re a senior business leader of a business with $1-50 million in annual revenue
  • you have a team of at least 2 managers and 10 people
  • and you’ve got your sights set on Scaling Ip 20% or more next year

Here’s a bit more about it…

It’s a half-day workshop we’ll be hosting live, specifically for local businesses who want to put in place systems to grow faster and easier, but with less chaos and stress.

Here are just some of the things that we’ll cover:

  • 4D Assessments:
    • Evaluate the internal “State of Affairs” in your business by diving into your sales and marketing, vision, team and culture, customer experience, resources, and processes
    • SWT Tool- Ways to analyze the “External Environment” at a macro level so you are not blindsided by changes happening in the world – plan for risks and leverage opportunities
    • What you need to do to prepare for the Recession, inflation, talent shortage and other economic forces so you can weather the storm
  • 4D Decisions:
    • The different types of thinking, decisions, behaviors and tools to operate at Level 4 Executive in order to lead your team with clarity and confidence.
    • Go from making $25/hour decisions to making $10,000/hour decisions that has high-leverage and high-rewards
    • Know your numbers- identify your critical numbers for the whole business and each department, to cascade down accountability and track and adjust performance weekly
  • 4D Rhythm:
    • How to pull yourself out of the day-to-day operations to think clearly about the vision and direction of your business even if you feel you “have no time”
    • Make plans and performance visible- Share progress on company goals, and get weekly team input and adjust course with this simple and effective process
  • 4D Planning:
    • Know exactly when and how to start your quarterly review process, so you are not scrambling at the end of the quarter with no strategic vision or alignment
    • Data driven- how to analyze the previous quarter in order to shape the direction of the upcoming quarter
    • Team involvement- get your team involved in the quarterly planning process so they’re accountable and committed to the outcome, and excited to tackle the goals they helped create
  • Power of One- Estimate business value and changes in cash and profit by adjusting the 7 financial levers in your business
  • Get access to our Growth Accelerator checklist, planning schedule and templates

And so much more…

Upcoming Event:

When: Friday September 23, 2022 [10 am to 2 pm]

Where: Buffalo New York- Live/ in-person [location finalized by 9/10, likely near BUF airport]

Ticket: $197 for one leader, $394 for 2-3 leaders from one company

Register: Complete this form to receive confirmation and invoice